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If you plan to add new windows to your home, you need to consider the type you will be adding to the basement. While your basement windows may not be as prominent as other windows in your home, they are still important. They can help keep the water inside and keep your home safe. Cellar windows are different from other types of replacement windows in Capitola, CA. They open differently and have different security options. When you are thinking of buying new cellar windows, you would like to take the time to choose the one that fits perfectly.

Different Options

Awnings and hoppers are the most common types of windows in cellars. Basement rooms tend to sit on the floor, making it difficult to install windows in such a room. Window styles with awnings or hoppers are designed to fit in smaller spaces, such as cramped bathrooms and cellars, where access to the basement is limited. While both types of windows are great for basements, there may be a certain type that is better for your home than another. Consider both of these types of windows for your basement when it comes time to update them.

Hopper Style

The hopper windows, also known as revolving windows or bottom-hung windows, open from above, instead of being tilted down like a canopy window. Basement windows are similar in size and shape to awning windows, but they are rectangular and square. This can be an option if you need them to open out or up and down instead of side to side. It can allow you to have more room for movement around the basement. They are small and due to their openness can be ideal for small spaces, such as areas where there may be windows underground and where there is not much space for easy access. They also come in a variety of designs and styles and you can add special locks to make sure your home is safe.

Canopy on Windows

replacement windows in Capitola, CAWindows in this style hinge at the top and open from below. Because they are designed to allow airflow and exhalation, awning windows are often located in basements because they are not open enough to be considered a safety hazard. When they come out of your house, awning-style windows make them look like an awning when opened. Cellar windows are the best choice for allowing natural airflow in your home, as they open in a welcome breeze without letting in rain, hail, or water in the rain. This protects your home from water damage but also allows you to ventilate it properly.

If you want your home to look beautiful, you need to take the time to choose the right replacement windows in Capitola, CA. If you are trying to improve your basement, it may be a good choice to find windows that are specifically designed for windows. There are many options to consider, but the two above are the most common. They work best in all types of cellars and will last for many years. If you need help choosing the right basement windows for your house, contact us for more information.

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