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When you are planning to get replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA and you want to be able to match them with your current windows, keep these tips in mind.

When you need to add new windows to your home but don’t want to replace all of them, you might be worried that you can’t match the ones you already have installed in your home. If your windows are old and you don’t know the brand or where you bought them from, this can be difficult. If you are worried about matching your old windows and need some help learning more about your options, be sure to consider these points when looking for the right ones for your home.

Replace Sections

If you aren’t able to find windows that match the ones you need to replace, you may need to replace sections of windows that are nearby. You may just want to replace the windows in the front of your home so all of those match or are on the side of your house. You can also just replace windows in a certain room. While this may not be ideal and some of your windows may not match, it can still allow you to replace the ones that need to be replaced and match them as closely as possible. If the windows are in different areas it may be hard to tell that they don’t match.

Paint Them

If you are able to find windows that are similar or match but the frames are different. You may need to paint them. Sometimes certain styles are only available in specific colors so although you can find them, you will need to make some adjustments to them. You can either hire them yourself or hire a contractor to paint them. You may decide that you like the color of the new windows and decide to paint the old window frames. You can easily blend them together to make them all look nice.

Hide The Differences

replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CAA lot of windows look similar and just because you choose to get new ones that are slightly different doesn’t mean the differences will be too noticeable. Sometimes the windows are very much the same but may have just slight differences that can easily be hidden with plants, curtains, shutters, or other simple things that can be added to them. You may not be able to find perfect matches but you can find something that is close enough and will be able to be disguised with small details that will make a big difference and help make your home look just the way you want it.

If you are planning to get replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA and you are worried about finding the right windows for your home. There are many different kinds of windows and it can be difficult to find some that look just like the ones you already have installed in your home. If you are planning to buy new windows and need some help choosing the right ones, be sure to reach out to us. We have a large selection and will help you find the perfect fit for your home.

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