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If your home is ready for new windows after a wildfire destroyed your home or windows, you have the ability to replace them. You can find replacement windows in Capitola, CA that will make your home look great and ensure it is safe. You may be nervous about installing new windows, but preparing your home for them will ensure they go in easily and are the right option for your home. Here are some things you can do to make sure your home is ready for new windows after a wildfire.

Remove The Old Windows

If you currently have old windows in your home, you will need to have them removed before you can install new ones. You may not want to leave your home open and without windows so it’s best to make plans so your windows are removed just a few hours before the new ones are installed. Of course, if your windows are already missing or broken because of the wildfires, you might want to remove them ahead of time. You will also want to be sure to measure the windows so you get the right size when u shop for new ones.

Keep The Area Clean

If you are worried about the mess that installing the new windows could cause to your home, you will want to do everything you can to protect it and make sure the surfaces are safe. You can put down drop cloths and other things that will keep dust, paint chips, metal scraping, and more from falling on to the ground and making a mess around your home. This will also make it easier for the windows to be installed as there will be less debris in the way to cause problems.

Move Things Around

Not all of your windows will be easy to access but you can move things around the make it easier to access them. You can move furniture, blinds, plants and more. The easier it is to access the windows the faster the installation will go and the easier it will be to have the project completed quickly. If you need help moving items, you might want to have a crew help you clean up the area and make sure everything is out of the way before you make plans to have the new windows installed. You don’t want to start the project if you are not ready.

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If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Capitola, CA after your old windows were damaged by a wildfire, there are some things you will need to do to ensure your windows and home are ready for the project. If you need help making plans to have new windows installed, be sure to reach out to Lighthouse Windows. If you are ready to choose these windows you can give us a call or stop by to learn about our services. We are happy to assist you.

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