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If your home has been damaged in a wildfire, you might be looking for a way to add some beauty to it. If you have recently purchased or are thinking about buying replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA, you have a lot of things to keep in mind. Adding plants to your windows is just one of the many ways you can bring some color to your home and feel closer to nature. If you need help choosing the right plants to add to the windows, you might want to consider some of these options. You can also come up with other ways to make the most out of your new windows.

Jade Plants

Jade plants are more modest greens that include round leaves and flimsy stems. You can discover them normally following around rocks and cleft in their local tropical living space. This peperomia assortment has little roots, so overwatering harms its root framework. Water when the dirt is dry to the touch to try not to suffocate it. This plant is for you on the off chance that you need a hanging houseplant that doesn’t trail occupied leaves on long plants.

String of Nickels

The string of nickels highlights coin-formed leaves and ravishing silver variegation. The following epiphytes develop well on wood, stone, and in bins. A string of nickel plants are anything but difficult to really focus on regardless of their fancy appearance. All you require to recollect is to water them when their dirt is dry and spot them in a spot with splendid sifted light.

Staghorn Plants

It’s difficult to miss a staghorn plant! They stand apart from other plant plants because of their enormous, horn-like leaves. Since these plants are epiphytes like Boston greeneries, you can likewise mount these vertically on wood. Give your staghorn’s foundations some an ideal opportunity to join the wood and hang it someplace with bunches of separated daylight and air dissemination.

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Spider Plants

These spindly plants cover a ton of even and vertical space, so they’re ideal for filling in those enormous void spots in your home. The plant’s brilliant and long leaves procured it numerous monikers, including the “plane plant” and the “lace plant.” These plants are particularly incredible for any pet proprietors since they are not harmful to your fuzzy companions. Most awesome aspect all, they’re anything but difficult to really focus on!

If you are ready to buy replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA, and want to be able to plan to add some plants to them you might be trying to decide which plants are the best options. The above are a few different options to keep in mind. This can help make your home inviting and special. If you don’t like any of the above plants, you can add other options instead. When it comes time to choose the right windows for your home be sure to reach out to Lighthouse Windows. We are happy to help with all your replacement window needs.

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