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There are many reasons you may need replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA. A lot of things can go wrong with windows but some problems are more common than others. If you aren’t sure if you need to replace your windows or if you can just let them go, watch for some of the common problems with windows. If you have any of these problems, you may want to replace them sooner rather than later. Lighthouse Windows can help you choose the right windows for your home.

Insects Keep Getting Inside

Have you noticed insects in your home? Are you see ants make a trail from your window to the kitchen? Noticing a lot of flies in your home? The insects could be getting in through your windows. They may be getting in around the windows or coming through cracks. Replacing the windows will prevent insects from getting inside through them and can help keep your home free from other pests.

Letting Drafts In

While many people think it’s normal to feel cold next to a window, you can help get rid of drafts by getting new windows. If you can feel a draft, it means your windows are not working right. They may be cracked or there may be something wrong with the seal around the window. If you can feel a draft by your windows, it’s time to get replacements installed.

Leaking Rain

If your windows don’t have a good seal around them, they can leak rain. The seals can eventually break down over time and allow water to leak in easily. If rain leaks into your home, it can cause water damage. It may ruin your furniture, floor, walls and anything else near the window. It can also allow mold to grow in your home, which can make your family sick. Replacing your windows will ensure there are no leaks.

Safety Issues

If your windows aren’t functioning properly, they could be dangerous. If they don’t close or lock correctly, they could be putting your family at risk for a crime. If they are broken or missing pieces of glass, that could cause an injury. If your windows aren’t safe, you shouldn’t waste any time replacing them. Your new window will help keep your family safe in more ways than one.

If you are in need of replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA, be sure to stop by Lighthouse Windows today. We are happy to help you decide if you need new windows and what windows are best for your home. We carry a variety of different shapes and styles and all our windows are high quality. You can stop by our shop to view our selection and learn more about the different windows we offer. We are located at 317 Potrero St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060. You can also call us to ask questions about our windows or services. Call (831) 426-2601. We are happy to help you replace your windows and make your home look and function well again.

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