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If you have recently purchased replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA, you are probably looking for ways to dress them up and make the most out of them. Curtains can help you make your windows a little more functional and prettier. You can choose any types of curtains you want, but if you want to make sure they look great on your new windows and in your home, be sure to keep these things in mind when making your choice.


Decide what length of curtains you want before you start shopping for them. Curtains come in many different lengths and the length you choose can have an effect on how the entire room looks and feels. If you want to let in a lot of light and want to be able to see out your windows easily, you should consider short curtains or just valances. If you want more privacy and the ability to keep out the light and darken a room, you may want to choose long curtains.


If you are trying to match your curtains to the other décor in your room or home, you will need to think about the pattern or color you are choosing. You can find colors that match your furniture or other curtains and lines in your home. You can also use the patterns and colors of your curtains to make them stand out and add something different to the room. The great thing about curtains is that you can always take them down and change them if you get bored with one color or pattern and want to try something different. You can play around with different textures, colors, and patterns until you find the ones you like best.

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The materials your curtains are made out of matter for a lot of reasons. Depending on the room you are putting them in, you may need a material that is easy to clean. Some curtains are made of materials that can block out light completely and some are event mean to insulate a room and prevent heat and cool air loss through the windows. Think about what you want or need from your curtains and choose the materials that will allow them to perform to meet those needs. The materials can also have an effect on the price of the curtains, so keep that in mind when making your selection.

If you have recently purchased replacement windows in Santa Cruz, CA and are looking for some curtain to add to them for comfort and privacy, be sure to keep the above factors in mind when making your selection. If you are in need of new windows and want to find the best options available, be sure to reach out to Lighthouse Windows. We are happy to help you choose the right style of windows and the right size. To learn more about the windows we have to offer or to start shopping, check out our website, or give us a call to get assistance.

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